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ERC20 and ERC721 trades on decentralized exchanges.
Check exchange and 0x relayer support here.

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Mobile data Warning, 1 month of block data can reach 50MB in downloads.

Trades are retrieved from the blockchain using Infura.
Large block ranges will take a long time to load.

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ERC721 trades are not yet included in the CSV exports.

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Taker Traded an existing order. Maker Made a new order.
Try the Recent Transactions page for a faster but possibly incomplete history.

Trade History supports most of the popular decentralized exchanges.
Check the full exchange and 0x relayer support list here.

DDEX is supported up to Dec 2018 (0x v1) and from March 2019 (DDEX Hydro 1.1), Hydro 1.0 is not yet supported.
IDEX and Bancor trade history is not supported.

For a Deposit / Withdraw history, check the exchange history pages in the sidebar.
You can request any DEX with an open source smart contract to be added.